Attractive apartments for rent in Gentofte



Attractive apartments for rent in Gentofte


48 new rental homes in scenic Gentofte are available as of 1 July 2022.

All apartments are built in an exclusive design, where all details are well thought out. The balance between a practical home where there is room to live, as well as a minimalist aesthetic expression goes up in a higher unit in these lovely homes.

Gentofte is known for its fantastic green areas and beautiful coastline. As a resident of Niels Steensens Vej, you are next door to green areas such as Gentofte Lake and Gentofte Sports Park, both of which are located less than 500 meters from the apartment. There is ample opportunity for a varied activity and leisure life, as it is easy to find activities that the whole family finds entertaining. Here are both training tracks, badminton halls, skate park and ice rink as well as many other sports activities. It is almost only the imagination that sets limits when, as a future resident, you have to find your future leisure interest in Gentofte municipality.

A walk along Gentofte Lake takes you to the shopping street on Gentoftegade, which exudes 'coziness' and togetherness. Here you can take your partner or family under your arm, drink a cup of coffee at one of the delicious cafes, eat an ice cream in the ice cream shop or shop for clothes. Once you are on Gentoftegade, time passes quickly, as there is plenty to look at and indulge in. Both on a Sunday morning, but also a weekday evening, where there should be a little extra entertainment.

Although Gentofte municipality has everything you can dream of, the train goes directly from Gentofte station to Nørreport station, if you miss the inner city. Gentofte station is 5 minutes away by bike, which means that in total it only takes 20 minutes to reach from the apartment to the butter hole of Copenhagen. It will not be easier to get around than when you have an address at Niels Steensens Vej.

House no. Floor Aprtm.No. Price kr/month Status
1B Ground Aprtm. S1 17.700 Free
1B Ground Aprtm. S2 16.700 Free
1B 1.floor Aprtm. 1.1 18.000 Free
1B 1.floor Aprtm. 1.2 17.000 Free
1B 2.floor Aprtm. 2.1 18.300 Free
1B 2.floor Aprtm. 2.1 17.300 Free
1C Ground Aprtm. S1 15.200 Free
1C 1.floor Aprtm. 1.1 15.700 Free
1C 2.floor Aprtm. 2.1 16.200 Free
1D Ground Aprtm. S1 16.200 Free
1D 1.floor Aprtm. 1.1 16.700 Free

This is a selection of apartments we rent. Contact us for more opportunities.


    2800 Gentofte
    Niels Steensens vej 1B-D
    48 eksklusive og bæredygtige nyopførte lejligheder
    3 værelser | 89 m²